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Take Your Road Test in Grande Prairie

It’s in the best interest of everyone to make Alberta’s streets and highways as safe as possible. To accomplish this goal, Alberta Transportation has designated A1 Licence & Registry a centre for road tests, motor vehicle registration, and traffic fine payments in Grande Prairie.


Driver Examiners in Grande Prairie

To pass your road test and receive a licence, you must demonstrate functional skills and rules-based knowledge to our driver examiner. To learn about licensing requirements, view the Driver Examiner Licensing Requirements (PDF) document on the Transportation Alberta website.


Motor Vehicle Registration

If you plan on operating a passenger or commercial vehicle in Alberta, it must be registered through an authorized agent such as A1 Licence & Registry. While vehicle registrations are typically issued for a term of one year, Class 3 passenger vehicles may be eligible for a two-year term. Commercial vehicles are typically given registration terms of three months at a time.


A1 Licence & Registry is available to help with all your vehicle registration and forms. Services for fleets and dealerships are also available.


Traffic Fine Payments

No one wants to receive a ticket, but at least A1 Licence & Registry makes paying your traffic fine as easy as possible.


For all your road test, registration, and traffic fine payment needs, call or visit A1 Licence & Registry today!

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